Sunday, December 1, 2019

Odyssey Literary Terms-Books free essay sample

Throughout the first four books Telemachus faces the struggle of trying to find his father. He is in search if his father and is searching around and talking to different people to find out information about his father and is doing what ever he can to find him. B. This is an external conflict because he struggles with the outside world in trying to find where his father is. Telemachus struggles with other characters along his journey. 2. Simile A. Men like best a song that rings like morning on the ear. B. This is a simile because Homer is comparing a song to a morning ring because of their sound. 3. Sensory imagery A. Meanwhile the din grew loud in the shadowy hall as every suitor swore to lie beside her, but Telemakhos turned now and spoke to them. B. This is an example of sensory imagery because the way homer is describing this event, you can picture it happening in your mind. We will write a custom essay sample on Odyssey Literary Terms-Books or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page You can paint a picture of the shadowy hallway and the characters talking to each other. You can also imagine hearing the loud noises. 4. Personification A. When primal dawn spread on the eastern sky her fingers of pink light, Odysseus true son stood up, drew on his tunic and his mantle, slung on a sword-belt and a new-edged sword, tied his smooth feet into good rawhide sandals, and left his room, a goda brilliance upon him. B. This represents personification because it is describing the eastern sky and Odysseus son in great detail. 5. Internal conflict A. Friend, let me put it in the plainest way. My mother says I am his son, I know not surely. Who has known his own engendering? I wish at least I had some happy man as father, growing old in his own house- but unknown death and silence are the fate of him that, since you ask, they call my father. B. In this quote Telemachus is struggling with an internal conflict because he wants to know who is father is. He wishes he knew what his own father was like and wish he grew up with a father.

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