Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Mental Process Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mental Process - Research Paper Example It is an operation, which has an effect on the mental contents of an individual. It can also be seen as the thinking process or the cognitive remembrance operation. Overall, it is all the different things that an individual can do with his or her mind including emotion, volition, reasoning, belief, conception, imagination, creativity, memory, introspection, and perception. 1. Compare and Contrast the Four Styles of Creative Intelligence and their Influence on Organizational Decision Making. Intuition is focused on the production of results and is reliant on experiences in the guidance of decisions (Bara, 2010). Most people consider the implications of comprehending the past as most believe that a majority of mistakes can be escaped if one understands its historical significance. Every organization, from a perspective of business, needs to consider patterns and exhibit caution at every turn. Strategic planning lets organizations prepare for possible scenarios via the forecasting of al l outcomes that are possible (Bara, 2010). Some of the biggest successes, as well as failures, can be traced back to reliance on results that are past. Businesses will consider several factors, for example, the market’s current conditions, segmentation, objectives, and experiences that it relates to in the past. The mindset of inspiration is focused on the change in society and the presentation of dedication aimed at changing results (Bara, 2010). People whose working is grounded in this mindset are imbued with positive energy and are able to remain focused, motivated, and logical. Organizations that possess this type of individual are enabled in their ability to visualize situations currently and use that as inspiration to create a positive future outcome. These individuals have the ability to promote change, which could limit the organization in a number of ways (Bara, 2010). They have a tendency to lose focus on everyday functions, as they are highly adept at assessment of the bigger picture. The style of imagination targets artistic individuals, who enjoy writing, and show qualities of strong leadership (Brown, 2006). Individuals with this mindset show the ability to visualize various scenarios. They possess a huge impact in the process of decision making especially in organizations where there are chaotic times since they are able to visualize beyond the current situation, which gives them excellent coping skills for solution for problems. They have an ability that is unique in their ability to remain confident and poised which rubs of on the rest of the organization. They also inspire others allowing them plan for and envision the future. One limitation is that these people are not totally focused on the immediate future, which could be problematic since all aspects should be placed in perspective (Brown, 2006). Individuals using the innovative style tend to stick to the issues before them and on evidence (Brown, 2006). It is the most logical of t he styles since it is clearly focused on evidence that is visible like data. However, this makes it impossible to see the organization’s apparent vision, which it is attempting to achieve. Successful organizations need a balance of different mindsets, which are found suited well to different roles. Precision is needed by all industries and organizations thus innovation is vital. This mindset comes

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